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Lighting maintenance and cleaning main points to keep the crystal lights shine
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Lighting maintenance and cleaning:
1, to maintain a crystal ball or crystal long translucent crystal, to avoid damage to smoke crystal lamp.
2, crystal lamp cleaning can choose one by one scrub crystal ball or crystal chip method, such as think trouble, in crystal lighting professional spraying cleaning agent, cleaning agent in the evaporation process can take away the dust crystal ball or crystal film on the. Note that, the lamp is best not to use clean, dry cloth to wipe the water as long as.
3, moisture is the key lighting maintenance, especially bathrooms, bathroom fixtures and kitchen stove headlights, to installation moistureproof lamp shade, to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.
4, regularly clean the lamp shade, light bulbs and light bulbs, so as to avoid dust affect the lighting effect, or consume unnecessary power. If you find a shadow or water in the two ends of the lamp within a black deposition, should be replaced.