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Lighting companies why you do not make money?
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Open the lamp shop should pay attention to what? How to operate the lamp store? For these problems, ready to open a lamp store, you must understand, below, on the open lamp store should pay attention to what to introduce you, which for your business light shop is very helpful, must look at Oh!
It is understood that the lamp has been shrouded profiteering marketing has been the yellow flower yesterday. Statistics of lamps and electric light source of export inspection of batches of the workplace, the export amount of $2.13 billion, an increase of respectively 27.7% and 42%. According to the survey data show that the lamps and lanterns meager profits, as well as fierce competition, some small and medium enterprises have the lamps and lanterns products export to European and American countries. Below the author of the lamps and lanterns "no money to make" the case of a probe.
The upstream housing freeze, lighting demand significantly reduced
The country introduced a series of policies to curb prices, which makes the real estate market freeze, no one to buy a house, there is no decoration, talk about how to buy a lamp. It is understood, lamps and lanterns industry this year seemed to lose the past "arrogant and despotic", lighting lighting technology demand decreased significantly, daily sales and before compared a lot worse.
Big break, profit margins shrink
General lighting stores are "lights". "If you do not turn on the lights, consumers it is difficult to see the light of the final result, so in order to attract consumers will open some top recommended lighting products. Of course, this means that you have to bear the high cost of electricity." Expensive store rent, staff wages, decoration, water and electricity and so on, although earn more, but the whole lamp store basic expenses to net sales here can only enjoy the "large a" pleasure. Industry insiders said: the lamp industry does not see much profit, so from other industries, operating lamps can only say that there is considerable profit space."
Follow the previous rules of bargain, profit There is not much left.
Different lamps and lanterns in the price of more than 200 yuan, and there is a considerable part of the price of lamps and lanterns in a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of yuan, more individual category price of up to 100000 yuan or more. In the specific operation, the price has become no practical significance, the majority of lamps and lanterns sales staff have indicated that it can be given 6~9 discount. "Because the market of lamps and lanterns is violence industry, many consumers are also followed last year's bargain principle, namely to bargain in half again squeezed out the 30% to 40% of the price of water, such words and left not a how much profit." Ms Chan told reporters in Foshan.
Market has been eroded, profit margins
According to the building materials network to understand, a lot of lamps brand dealers said, the market would be eroded, profit margin approach. 2014 lamps on the market thin differentiation is becoming more and more obvious, many customers often asked, select the crystal lamp light source is energy-saving lamps, LED lighting, in models is different requirements. This expedites the emergence of many non brand workshop lighting swoop, although cool appearance, but most service life is not long, and is not safe, and the price is they snatch market of lamps and lanterns of the best killer.
Step / method
1, large market size, product range, price is more competitive. Now lamp profit general in about 50%, according to the product positioning and use different, there are some differences. Before investing of careful analysis and study, do a good job of market orientation
2, personnel with: the initial proposal to hire 1-2 has the industry experience of the staff, 1 electrician, part-time or full-time. Hire staff not only to look at the appearance and the body of education, to focus on eloquence and character
3, opening the preparatory work before: (1) to do more publicity, try to expand the influence; (2) can be considered a special price of some products, allowing more profits to the consumers; (3) for the procedures, such as industrial and commercial, tax license, to avoid unnecessary trouble; (4) shop decoration, maintain tidiness, sanitation; (5) to the after-sales service plan well ahead and and strictly enforced.