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Bedroom should be used with orange light, bathroom optional incandescent lamp
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Lighting is home to the eyes. In modern home decoration, lamps and lanterns not only can play a role, but also has a strong decorative, can beautify the living space, optimize the family life. Rational use of lights and lamps and lanterns in the shape and color, can make lighting home decoration given to the soul and let the home space shine. This week, we are mainly from the selection and collocation of lighting, starting a new phase of the software installation guide.
The living room of the lamp should be steady and generous, the kitchen should pay attention to the light
Light is to create an important factor in the bedroom atmosphere, the choice of lighting, first consider the and household wall color matched the color of light. If the wall is a cold color, then, suitable for the use of warm colors of light, can play a complementary and coordinated role. But if in the summer or in a small room, the use of cold light lamps, you can make people feel comfortable and bright and comfortable feeling. Now, many families are often cold tone and warm color lamps used in turn, is to meet the need for a different color.
From home function, the general residential living room, study, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall of the points, because of their different functions, the need for different light source. Living room lamp configuration should facilitate the creation of prudent generous, warm warm environment, make guests feel at home intimacy, so often used for general lighting and local lighting combination, a lamp and a lamp with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as wall lamp, downlight, lights, and so on. Generally available in the room of the central installed a single head or long lamp as the main light. The banner paintings hung on the wall behind the sofa, on both sides of the calligraphy and painting installed two of the right size of wall, the side of the sofa can be placed a floor lamp. This luminaire arrangement of both steady and generous, but also according to the different needs to choose light, lantern early release, full chamber unripe brightness, or single lamp alone, cuxi Huajiu.
Bedroom is a private space for people to rest, the color of the light is best orange, yellow and other neutral colors or warm, helping to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Kitchen lamps must have enough brightness, to meet the cooking arbitrarily operation needs, kitchen in addition to the installation of a light scattering of ceiling lamps outside, should also in accordance with the layout of the cooking, according to the actual need to install wall lamp or take care of the table lamp. Study lighting mainly to meet the reading and writing use, should give priority to local lighting, light should be soft and bright, avoid glare, in the desk placed a lamp lamp as local lighting, make people comfortable learning and work. Toilet is used mostly low Caiduo, smart degrees of color combinations to foil clean and refreshing atmosphere, so the integral lamplight of toilet need not too sufficient, in the selection of lamps, general appropriate chooses incandescent lamp, transferred to the downy brightness is enough.
White shade elegant, gorgeous rich shade
Because the lamps and lanterns themselves shine, the color is more striking, the color of the lamp should obey the color of the whole room. Lamps and lanterns of the shade, the color of the shell and the wall, furniture, curtains of color to coordinate. Such as orange lamp is cannot match in the green wall thus formed strong contrast, can appear especially dazzling; if several kinds of indoor lighting colors red green and blue, will give desultorily feeling.
In addition, the role of the lamp is very important, because the color of the lamp is reflected by the color of the lamp. Milky white glass shade, not only pure, and the reflected light is soft, to create elegant atmosphere; rich color transparent glass lamp shade, not only gorgeous and reflected light also looks bright and colorful, and helps to create a noble, gorgeous atmosphere.
New classical Chinese lighting for large space social occasions
Lighting design, according to the popular style, summed up can be divided into four categories: new classical Chinese style, new classical European style, modern simple style, Japanese style. New classical Chinese large chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamps, such as is in accordance with the development of court lamps and lanterns of, this kind of lamps and lanterns for larger space for social occasions. Chandelier in the shape of lotus, Calla Lily, lily, etc., with colored frosted glass lampshade, luxury, style, elegant chandelier will make the sitting room appears to be more elegant and comfortable; mix need to pay attention to the integrity of the decoration, such as installing the same series of wall lamp, table lamp, comply with Chinese style rigorous integrity. New European classical and low-key luxury style, candle lamps, crystal lamps, marble lamps, iron lamps are relatively easy to use; modern minimalist style lighting, collocation to geometry, irregular graphics, full of creative design, with modern art. Japan and South Korea type lighting with a dream of crystal lamp, unique flowers and flowers, the mood of the candle light, color to light color is appropriate.
In addition, the size of the lamps and lanterns to combine the indoor area, furniture and corresponding size to configure, such as 12 square meters below the small living room should be with a diameter of 200 mm below the ceiling or wall lamp, the number and size of the lamp should be appropriate, so as not to appear too crowded.
Lighting is superfluous be flashy without substance,
In the choice of lighting, shape, style, must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, echo each other. The lighting can not be flashy without substance icing on the cake, but superfluous. In the light of the choice of the color of the lamp, must be with the tone of indoor color. The size, type and size of the lamps and lanterns to be coordinated with the size of the living space, the total size of the area and the height of the interior. Lighting with good, pay attention to the place also